Deep drawn parts - Stamped and bent parts

DNOX dosing module

This multi-part assembly is the heat sink of the dosing module. Developed in collaboration with our customer, within produce and assemble it. This assembly is installed in the exhaust gas aftertreatment and injects the urea solution (AdBlue) into the exhaust tract, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.
The tight seals achieved entirely through the assembly process. The combination of metal on metal contact completely eliminates the need for external joining technologies. This demands extremely high precision and surface quality. After the deep-drawing process, the individual components are then machined to achieve the high tolerances. The entire assembly process, including an integrated leak test, is performed automatically.

Part number S-2640
Description DNOX dosing module
Material Stainless steel
Surface refined Nein
Material thickness in mm 1.75 / 1
Diameter thickness in mm 20.00-28.00

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