About us


Innovation & Tradition

Our company was founded in Uhingen (Baden-Württemberg) in March 1979. In our 40-year history, we have grown into an efficient, internationally operating company through our strong customer orientation and quality awareness.

As a development partner and high-quality component manufacturer, we are an A-supplier to the automotive industry and are certified according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

Exterior view of Mayr+Hönes GmbH plant in Plüderhausen near Stuttgart


  1. Foundation


    Foundation of Mayr+Hönes GmbH by Mr. Georg Mayr and Mr. Manfred Hönes in Uhingen (Baden-Württemberg). Tools for chipless forming and jigs are designed and manufactured in rented premises.

  2. Start of production


    Start of production of stamped and bent parts. Laying of the foundation stone for the company's own plant at Boschstraße 6 in Plüderhausen.

  3. One for all


    Manfred Hönes takes over 100% of the shares of Mayr+Hönes GmbH and thus becomes the sole managing director.

  4. Expansion


    Due to steady production growth, the plant in Plüderhausen is expanded.

  5. Expansion


    The production facilities will be expanded to include a new high-bay warehouse and a new mold shop.

  6. Certificate


    First certification according to VDA 6

  7. Expansion of capacity


    Due to the strong demand for our products, an urgently needed capacity expansion for the design, the stamping shop and the tool shop. 40 employees are now employed by us.

  8. 100% Mayr + Hönes


    For Daimler-Chrysler, we will become the 100% supplier of the trims that will be installed in the Mercedes E-Class.

  9. Global automotive standard


    First certification according to ISO TS 16949:2002

  10. International environmental management standard


    First ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification

  11. Bosch Supplier Award


    Mayr + Hönes is awarded the Bosch Group Supplier Prize. award. With this award, Bosch recognizes the above-average performance of its suppliers. Above all, quality, reliability, costs and the readiness for constant further development were criteria of particular interest in the Bosch Supplier Award. particular interest.

  12. Certificate


    We obtain a combined certification according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 Environment

  13. New work


    Plant 2 with the vibratory finishing and parts cleaning processes is opened. is opened.

  14. All good things come in threes


    We celebrate our thirtieth anniversary, open plant 3 -. for assembly and shipping, and receive recertification according to TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

  15. New plant


    Acquisition of land with real estate at Boschstr. 7-9 Planning, new construction and consolidation of plant 1,2,3

  16. Move


    Relocation of plants 2 and 3 to newly created production halls.

  17. Expansion


    Creation of additional production areas: Hall 4 is expanded as a press hall and for the maintenance and electronics department

  18. Structure


    Expansion of the production area in plant 2 on two levels. New office space for design and development/sales Restructuring of the organization.

  19. Takeover


    In July 2017, Ms. Manuela Seidel-Hönes takes over as Managing Director QM/ Human Resources/ Commercial Processes.

  20. Modernization


    Modernization of the appearance and in communication -new logo, changed lettering Mayr-Hönes -Intranet and visualization in the store floor.

    In July 2018, Mr. Roland Eberhardt takes over the management of sales/technology and production

  21. Generation change


    Generation change at MayrHönes Mr. Manfred Hönes retires from the management. Company anniversary - 40 years MayrHönes

Satisfaction is the best reference

Lean, stable and healthy company with a future

Our corporate principles

Customer satisfaction

The customer expects the highest quality from us by the agreed delivery date. Our position in the market directly depends on the fulfillment of the requirements and the partnership cooperation with the customer.

Product Development & Quality Planning

Technological innovation is the core of our company. From development to the finished assembly, it is a matter of planning and manufacturing the quality of our products.

Product quality

Our quality target is always "zero defects" or "100% correct". Quality is a prerequisite for economic success. Quality also means meeting delivery deadlines.

Error prevention

Error prevention comes before error detection. If errors nevertheless occur, the team analyzes the causes and effectively eliminates the problem. We strive for an open error culture: "Learning from mistakes."

Employee development

Based on employee surveys/interviews, suggestions and proposals are taken into account to ensure a healthy working atmosphere. The aim of our performance appraisal is to promote quality awareness and commitment.

Occupational safety

The health of our employees is our top priority. Measures to maintain health and prevent occupational accidents are an integral part of our organization.